At Your Service Plumbing Inc.

About Us

The company was started in Florida in 2002, with a strong plumbing background begining in 1988 on the Jersey shore. 
The Owner and Qualifier, Gilbert Hill  holds the State Certified Plumbing Contractors License # CFC1425751  since 2000 and has lived in south Florida since 1997,

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My name is Gilbert Hill, Owner of At Your Service Plumbing Inc.

I service all of the people in Broward and Palm Beach County.

I am a small business located in eastern central Palm Beach County, fully capable and I am "At Your Service"

I have all of the requirements and Qualifications, General Liability Insurance and State Certified Plumbing Contractors License # CFC1425751 At Your Service Plumbing Inc.

I also have the experience and resources needed to complete tasks in the manner needed to get the job done WITHOUT causing hardship and high cost.

With the economics of the times I must give the public my very best price.

FREE verbal estimates!
NO overtime charges!
Guaranteed satisfaction!

Solar domestic hot water and pool heating panels, installation = inexpensive hot water from the SUN! 

Your commercial, residential, or institutional property needs maintenance alterations, remodeling and sewer and drain cleaning.

Remodeling Additions and Alterations of your, kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Repair and Replacement of all your, Water Heaters, pumps, toilets, fixtures, faucets and water filtration systems.

You can purchase fixtures I will install them you, will save money for transportation by me and on the cost of the item warranty.

“Green friendly”/ water / resource saving plumbing is both cost / energy efficient and these technologies do not have to be prohibitively costly, ask me how.

24 hour EMERGENCY Service

Direct   561-436-8558

Fax        561-290-0411



Florida State Certified Plumbing Contractors License # CFC1425751